Playlist: ETC by Ehkees Vol 1. (March 2023)

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Some new records. Some old records. Some popular records. Some obscure records. All created by creatives who were touched by The Cardinal, in one way or another.

I will never forget driving down Broad Street, headed into the heart of downtown in January 2018, with Fabby Rotten’s “Flex” blaring out the windows of my Sonata. I had a similar experience rounding 270 in 2023, with Kaz Oliver’s Teddy P. Mansion’s filling the cabin of my civic.

To me, there’s nothing that compares to riding around the city listening to inspired sounds from the city.

I never agreed with the consensus that said Columbus doesn’t have a sound.

I’ve been actively keeping up with music created by Columbus natives, transplants and visitors since meeting Trek Manifest in 2008. I’ve been intentionally crafting and curating playlist documenting the sounds made here, since 2015 when I took over FlyPaper.

While constructing the FPM Fixtapes, the 614 Day collections, the Columbus Sneakerball EP, and the pre-pandemic ETC playlists, I’ve spent thousands of hours listening to hundreds of artists & their projects made up of original music. Joyfully and willingly.

Truthfully, there is a whole lot of 614 trash. Like ALOT. But there is also a catalogue of inspired records that were passionately created, that earned their spot in my TIDAL Library.

I learned that there’s no pleasing everybody when making these type of things and by no means is this supposed to be an exhaustive list. I made 45 picks, and so inevitably there were alot of songs and artists not included. When I was done, I looked at it, disgusted with myself like “where’s Vada?? Where’s Bobby Biz? Fabby? Correy Parks? Greg Owens? Kashis Keyz is only on here as a feature??”

I wasn’t thinking about checking no boxes. I just was throwing on records that inspire me when I hear them, the same way that I was inspired the first time I heard P Blackk’s 2 Vans, 1 Chain: Plight of Youth in 2010.

Consider this a sampler. I picked these songs because when I hear them, im inspired. Idgaf about your taste cause here’s mine lol.

The beautiful truth is that Columbus has enough talent and product to service to any ear and every taste. I hope that you find something on here that shows you there’s more to explore.

I ain’t know when to stop adding songs to the playlist. I hit 45 and it just felt right. It’s so many records I wanted to include. So many joints that I had to sit aside. I got at least two or three more playlists worth of records just sitting in my library. I’ll be back every month with a new volume showing off a new variety.

Working through all the options these last two months really restored the feeling for me. There ain’t nothing more special TO ME than driving through columbus listening to columbus.

I can’t say I won’t retire again but I’m definitely back reinvested in the 614 music scene here. It ain’t even for nobody else. It’s for me. I love it 🔑.

– EhKees