RI$IO is a Columbus native and newcomer to the city’s DJing scene. Since her debut in 2020, she has flourished in a diverse array of settings ranging from intimate R&B nights, festivals, community action programs, and corporate events. Stream R I $ I O music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

Sean Starks

Sean Starks is a prolific producer in Columbus and a native of the city. Since he began producing in 2011, he has already produced and help curate a handful of impactful projects including: Always&FRVR with Kent, Freshey Mode with Zac Fresh, NASAGOLD 2 with Big James, and Rawest 4M with TrigNO. ‎Sean Starks on Apple […]

The Audio Unit

Columbus super-producer, DJ, and engineer Tha Audio Unit has already guaranteed a spot in the history books. With a more than 20-year track record of producing music, Tha Audio Unit has been instrumental in shaping the Columbus sound, working alongside P.Blackk and Vada Azeem, and producing the works of Darrio Lamont, Lambo VanGogh, Dominique Larue, […]


Soop is a hip-hop artist, producer, and business owner from Columbus, Ohio. His production credits include Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Juicy J, and in November 2018 he released a debut album Stating the Obvious. He most recently produced The One Day I Arrived by Trek Manifast. ‎Soop on Apple Music Spotify – Soop

Armond WakeUp

Armond WakeUp is a Christian MC driven to minister through his music. Since finding the inspiration to take music seriously, the lyricist has been highly active in his creation and his ministry. His latest release is the February 2018 Even If I Lose. Armond Wakeup on TIDAL ‎Armond Wakeup on Apple Music Spotify – Armond […]


ayelookitsBRADY, born Demerus Taylor, is a Columbus-bred hip-hop artist producer. As an only child, Taylor turned to music to express his feelings growing up, and now, he gives them to the world to share his story. Crediting Drake, Jay-Z and J. Cole as his musical inspiration, Brady began self-producing singles and began working a great […]


Miir is an old soul-slinging singer born in Gary Indiana but has resided in Columbus since 2003. Singing is her outlet, and her unique, soulful, and melodic sounds allow her to tell her story through her music. She has been nonstop performing and collaborating with other local creatives around the city since his first release […]


Tobilla is a Columbus hip-hop artist as well as a producer, and a certified taste maker. He blends many different music styles to create unique vibes for his listeners. His debut full-length LP, Billa, released in 2020. ‎Tobilla on Apple Music yung pistachio | BeatStars Profile Spotify – Tobilla


Hip Hop artist Trayvick, a Columbus native, has steadily grown his reputation for delivering quality music. Dating back to 2016, Trayvick has swept the Atlanta hip hop scene with his passion filled verses, energetic hooks, and vocal harmonies. He earned opportunities to perform in critically acclaimed Hip-Hop festivals like SXSW and A3C and has shared […]

Trek Manifest

Trek Manifest is an Ohio hip-hop artist who debuted in 2008. Taking what started as banging on washers and dryers as a toddler, constructing raps at age 5, and performing in elementary school talent shows, Trek made use of his knack for music entertaining crowds from his immediate family to venues across the nation as […]